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General University Sites (Departments/Faculties):

University of Manitoba Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Manitoba Plant Science
University of Manitoba Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
University of Winnipeg, Dept. of Biology
Dept of Biology at Brandon University
Environmental Science Program at Brandon University


The Canadian Botanical Association
The Canadain Society of Plant Physiologists
Journals of the American Society of Plant Biologists
Canadian Journal of Botany
Canadian Journal of Plant Sciences
Botanical Society of America
The Association of Applied Biologists
The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Specific Information and items of interest:

Plants National Database - USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Botani cal Electronic News (BEN)
Species at Risk in Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service
Botanical links and index
Natureserve The Association for Biodiversity Information (ABI - the network of Conservation Data Centres in Canada and the US)
Plant Watch
Committee on Controlled Environment Technology and Use page
Manitoba Science curricula can be viewed at
Native Orchid Conservation website
Reminder and information on doing Research on Manitoba Lands
Manitoba Protected Areas Initiative (PAI)
Woody Plants in the Prairie Landscape
Manitoba Noxious Weed Act

Information about Manitoba (with an emphasis on Biological Links)

About Manitoba (Government of Manitoba)
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature
Manitoba Naturalists Society
Living Prairie Museum
Nature North Zine - on-line nature magazine celebrating Manitoba's biodiversity

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