Species Lists:

Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg, 2007

Plant species reported present in Assiniboine Forest, compiled by Mary and Kelvin Krieger.

Assiniboine Forest List

Elk Glen Property, Rossburn, 2008

On July 26th, a joint MAPB/Nature Conservancy of Canada Volunteer event was held at NCC's 800 acre Elk Glen Property near Rossburn, Manitoba. The property is located immediately adjacent to the southern boundary of Riding Mountain National Park. The property’s rolling terrain supports a mix of habitats, from aspen and mixed-wood forest to ponds, wetlands, and streams. Grassland areas exist on some of the property’s hills -- prior to the event it was thought that these may represent remnant native fescue or mixed-grass prairie. NCC’s long- term goals for the property include restoring and maintaining these grasslands. The need for a thorough botanical inventory and ecological assessment of the property, and especially its remnant prairie sites, was identified. The purpose of the MAPB/NCC event was to create a baseline to compare future ecological changes on the property. Prior to any prairie restoration activities, a thorough inventory is a first, critical step.

In advance of the event, MAPB's Liz Punter surveyed the property in June. Her surveys produced an initial list of 109 species, including 2 provincially rare sedges (Carex microptera (S1S2) and Carex hookeriana (S1)). This list grew to 155 confirmed species after the July 26th survey. The presence of Plains Rough Fescue in some of the grassland areas suggests that the property supports fescue prairie - a community type rarely encountered in Manitoba.

NCC's Elk Glen Property List

Hart Trail, 1999

This species list was collected during the summer of 1999 along the Hart Trail. Julie Gold maintained the list, Jeannie Gilbert organized the members of MAPB.

Hart Trail List

Manitoba Ferns, 2009

Manitoba ferns and other spore-bearing vascular plants compiled by David Greenwood.

Manitoba Ferns List

Pembina Valley Provincial Park, 2001

The following species list was generated from several surveys of the park flora compiled by Jennifer Shay. Additions were made to the list from a further trip in early July 2003.

Pembina Valley Provincial Park List

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